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Professional Data Centre Cleaning

High level of harmful particles inside the Data Centre, values over Standard recommendations (ISO 14644-1)

To clean the Data Centre according the specific process of the UPTIME institute, done by qualified staff and with special products with no downtime and risk for the installation.

Minimizing the risk factors that can affect the performance of Data Centres or cause a systems breakdown, like the risk of fire and electro static discharges caused by accumulated dust in hardware or other materials like ferric, oxides, etc.

Professional Data Centre Cleaning
Standards applicable

ISO 14644 - Air Quality Cleanliness
IEC 61340/5/1 - Electro Static levels

Why Technical Cleaning is a must?
Enlarge the life of the equipment installed in the rooms, avoiding that the contamination corrupts it.
Minimize the risk of fire because of the dust accumulation in the hardware.
Avoid electrostatic discharges which come into transmission failures.
Avoid ferric materials (oxides).
Minimize the mechanical waste and hardware failures.
Minimize air pollution
Eliminate life contaminants
Avoid DC’s cleaning by not qualified staff that can cause system’s breakdown and trouble shooting.Maintain the environment of the DC without contaminant particles.
Service content
Raised Floor (including supports and traverses, data cables, energy cables, cable trays, data box connection, energy box connection, raised floor structure)
Raised Floor Plates (upper, below and side parts)
HVAC: intakes and outlets.
Sock micro-particles
Cleaning the air conditioning grills and air conditioning ducts with special products
Walls: Sock micro-particles.
Cleaning the complete surface with special products
Racks and Hardware (external):
External and internal sock of the racks, without damaging any connected equipment
Dry cleaning of the critical points.
Cleaning components with special products
Cleaning the rack (including the door and window) with special products.