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Data Center Design

CSPM, with a wide experience in building more than 500 Data Centers and mission Critical Sites nationwide, presents the following service as the optimum to specify and design new Data Center or to planify expansions, improvements, etc. in old Data Centres.

Always according to:  
Applicable international standards (TIA 942, ISO 17799, …)
Real needs of the room to guarantee redundancy and continuity
Best industrial practices
Tier level (1, 2, 3, 4)
Conceptual definition
Building functionally review
Technology and equipment definition
Total building capacity review
Growth levels and phases deployment review
Information collection and analysis
Tier level: redundancy and resiliency level as per TIA 942
Physical planning
Power levels and space needs: Transformers, Gensets, Switchboards, …
Power and Cooling circuit Synoptic diagrams preparation
Cooling technology and resiliency levels: type, space, needs, location, …
Architectural impact: concrete slab weight/m2, floor height, shaft dimensions, elevators,…
Equipment access routes review
Security levels: fire protection, water tightness, …
Applicable Standards review
Installations – Basic Project:
Power: HV and LV, cabling, lighting, …
Cooling and Mechanical
IT Security rooms
Fire detection and extinguishing
Security systems: CCTV, access, control, …
Support and supervision of detailed budgeting phase
Preliminary project plan
Detailed Design Support
Support and supervision on the detailed design Engineering phase
Support and supervision on the preparation on tender document