Socomec Uninterruptible
Power Supply (UPS)
  Socomec Static Transfer
Switch (STS)
  Battery Monitoring System
  Precision Air Conditioning
System (PAC)
  Early Smoke Detection System
  Water Detection System
  Infrastructure Environmental
Monitoring System (IEMS)
  Containment System for Green
/High Density Data Centre
  Green Data Centre Solution
  Active Harmonic Filter
  Fire Suppression System
  Intelligent Power Distribution
Unit (iPDU)
  Rack PDU
  Modular Data Centre
  Structured Cabling System
  Standby Genset
  Security System
UPS from 10kVA to 900kVA (three/three phase)


MASTERYS BC is the ideal protection for medium-sized businesses: your company is kept safe with the same advanced technology as all the range.


For Critical IT and industrial applications.
MASTERYS MC easily adapts to the protection of those critical applications which would compromise the entire operability of the company if they were not working.

MASTERYS MC (100-120 kVA)

UPS from 100 to 120 kVA for Critical IT applications.
Your protection for : Data centers, Telecommunications, Service sector


For applications in environments with specific constraints and industrial processes.

Designed to protect industrial processes. A compact solution with isolation transformer and batteries integrated into the UPS cabinet.

MODULYS GREEN POWER (modular from 20 to 240kVA)

The granularity of the system for small power ratings and autonomies gives a sure and fast return on investment. This is aided by the system’s high certified efficiency (96%) which yields reduced air conditioning expenses and further improves the performance of the entire system, with consequently reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).
Standard long life batteries improve the reliability of MODULYS GP, reduce maintenance costs and reduce environmental costs. The intelligent battery controller further optimizes your investment’s lifespan..

MASTERYS IP+ (10-80 kVA)

The MASTERYS IP+ UPS enables you to effectively protect your industrial equipment against electrical power faults and thus prevent the interruption of the production,the loss of data, or even the destruction or damages of hardware.

DELPHYS MP (60-200 kVA)

Protects you up to 1 200 kVA
To meet your requirements for three-phase high quality energy from 60 to 200 kVA (up to 1200 kVA with parallel connection).


DELPHYS MX (250-900 kVA)
The MaXi solution

A "clean rectifier" with low THDI to meet your requirements for three-phase high quality energy from 250 to 900 kVA (up to 5.4 MVA with parallel connection).
The 0.9 rated output leading to lagging power factor responds perfectly to computer system high power factor load requirements.
Valuable space saving with its reduced footprint and exceptional high power density (the most compact unit of its class): 900 kVA in less than 3.2 meters (width) per unit including the by-pass.

Green Power (100-120 kVA)
The protection for data Centres, Telecommunications and Service sector thanks to:

High efficiency with very low CO2 impact
Extended battery life and performance
Application-driven user-friendly interface

DELPHYS Green Power 160-400 kVA
The protection for Data Centres, Telecommunications and Service sector thanks to:

High efficiency with very low CO2 impact
Flexible energy storage solutions
Application-driven user-friendly interface

Green Power (10-40 kVA)

For strategic applications.
Data Centres, prodigious consumers of electrical energy for their operational functions and air conditioning systems, are among the economic sectors that are first and foremost concerned.