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Environment control in mission critical space is a great concern in today’s technology requirements. Therefore, the precision air conditioner plays an important role in this environment.

The higher the temperature, the higher the risk. With today’s high technology, the operation threats are always there. Specific electronics need specific temperature and humidity, and effective air filtration. Citec offers its diverse clients each with their specific needs, a wide range of designs and models. Its services start from design and manufacturing to product and sales support services. A full range of consultancy for customized business needs and solutions are available to users from diverse industries.

Highly critical in the various facets of industry, precision air conditioning equipments specifically allows precise control of air temperature, relative humidity and air quality. Citec’s unique design enables the self-contained unit’s microprocessor control to perform the functions of cooling, heating, humidification, dehumidification and filtration.


G-VOLUTION, the latest precision air conditioning system engineered to run seamlessly in critical environments by delivering constant, efficient and intelligent cooling circulation consistently for 24 hours, 7 days a week. G-VOLUTION can adapt to fluctuating heat loads while consuming low energy resources. 

Although the opportunity cost of high energy consumption can dramatically impact our bottom line, our motivation behind creating precision air conditioning technology is based on high performing, energy saving technology while reducing greenhouse gas emissions on a global scale. 

The G-VOLUTION is designed for areas with limited space as well as large data centers with intricate hardware networks and is customizable to fit every client's need and specifications.

The G-VOLUTION Consists Of Flexible Energy Saving Units Manufactured And Assembled With High Quality Components. 

A wide range of configurations to provide maximum design freedom minus the hefty price tag. 

With the G-VOLUTION, one can enjoy versatility in terms of fan arrangement, filter specifications, service clearance, network language and protocol adaptability. It is also designed to allow for minimal footprint required as all modules can be accessed and maintained from the front. 

The processor is what makes CITEC energy saving units the pioneer in energy-efficient solutions for precision air conditioning. In the long term, the G-VOLUTION will provide significant reductions in operating costs as well as shorten remuneration periods.


The CITEC In-Row (CNR) combines the efficiency of the Direct Expansion system, Inverter Technology and the latest brushless DC electric motor for good performance and high efficiency.

Provides extra cooling where needed
Direct Expansion systems with inverter technology
Air flow modulation to adapt to actual thermal load
Compatible with most racks
CITEC In-Row is suitable for 42U and 48U racks
Units can adapt to the thermal load of the server
Modular design; easy to upgrade as data center capacity grows
Inverter driven compressor modulates the cooling capacity provided
Highly efficient EC fans reduce noise levels and energy consumption :
Further noise level reduction of 4-5 dB
Further absorbed power reduction by 15%
Optional EC fan for condensing unit for :
Further noise level reduction by 10%
Further reduction of energy consumption by 45% compared to traditional condensers with AC technology
Direct Expansion units with DC inverter compressor and electric expansion valve for wider modulating range of capacity control
CITEC's in-house control algorithm prevents stratification of the air temperature inside the rack through the use of 4 sensors, contributing to ventilation efficiency


The CITEC Air Cooled Condenser (CACR) is built for outdoor operations. It is quiet, reliable, corrosion-resistant and equipped with direct-drive propeller fans and copper tube aluminum fin coils. 

Same model can be mounted in either horizontal or vertical air flow configuration allowing for flexibility when allocating space during the design stage & during installation. Simple electrical connection to isolator and refrigerant piping connection is all that's needed.

Quiet But Dependable
All CACR units operate at smooth, quiet sound levels with minimal noise generation. A low-noise version is also available for more stringent noise requirements as well. CACR operates under severe weather conditions and the materials used are designed to withstand outdoor operations. Minimal maintenance work is required.

One Unit For Many Conditions

The CACR is designed to adapt to various site conditions and design requirements. Do contact us for more customization options including the installation of energy efficient EC fans, liquid receivers and fan speed controllers.


Cooling of computer and telecommunication equipment rooms is becoming a major challenge because of the increasing compactness of data processing equipment. While the industry struggles to add several of these problems and others, Citec CIR has a new evolution of cooling solutions for data centers worldwide.

CIR leads the way in thermal management and allows companies to:

Fully populate server racks and increase power density with significantly 
improving energy efficiency
Decrease power costs
Revolutionize how data centers are designed, built and operated
Increase the computing power in data centers
Decrease server failure due to heat damage.
With High Density Heat Containment (HDHC) technology, data centers can be utilized or built in a substantially more efficient manner to save upfront costs and reducing operating costs.


Citec’s CRF is compact and stylish with the high performance and quality demanded by today’s precision air conditioner market. It has been designed to maximize data center cooling efficiency by eliminating excess cooling that is typically necessary to eliminate hot-spots within the data center.

Reduce or eliminate precision air conditioner (PAC) over-provisioning by
providing physical separation of cool supply and hot return air streams
Restore PAC capacity for needed IT equipment loads by eliminating air
recirculation and bypass
Round the clock operation with full performance
Redundancy fan design
Microprocessor control with in-house program


The CITEC Assist Flow (CAF) is designed to improve air flow in data centers. As the heat density of server racks in modern data centers continue to grow, the application of standard precision air conditioning units alone have become insufficient to cater to this need. 

When used in conjunction with standard precision air conditioning equipment, CAF offers a revolutionary solution for high density heat load in data centers. CAF adjusts the air flow according to the required heat load while simultaneously providing energy savings whenever lower air flow is required during periods of low heat load.

CAF shall be placed in front of server rack. Cold air supplied from precision air conditioning unit can be channeled to the heat load source by adjusting the air flow direction at CAF. Air flow is automatically adjusted by a microprocessor controller to ensure there is just enough cold air supplied to server racks. This is done by having a temperature sensor placed at the upper level of the entrance of server rack.


  • Fits into the floor void of a standard 600mm x 600mm floor grid
  • CAF comprises of eight models, two types of fan
  • Nominal air flow range from 850m3/hr to 3,400m3/hr