Socomec Uninterruptible
Power Supply (UPS)
  Socomec Static Transfer
Switch (STS)
  Battery Monitoring System
  Precision Air Conditioning
System (PAC)
  Early Smoke Detection System
  Water Detection System
  Infrastructure Environmental
Monitoring System (IEMS)
  Containment System for Green
/High Density Data Centre
  Green Data Centre Solution
  Active Harmonic Filter
  Fire Suppression System
  Intelligent Power Distribution
Unit (iPDU)
  Rack PDU
  Modular Data Centre
  Structured Cabling System
  Standby Genset
  Security System
 Fire Suppression System

Data Centre fire protection is a top priority in the data center design process. Today's data centers and computer rooms are under enormous pressure to maintain operations without interruption. In the event of a catastrophic data center or computer room fire, a company may lose equipment, productivity, and most importantly, lives.

Industry studies tell us that 43 percent of businesses that are closed by a fire never reopen. And 29 percent of those that do open fail within three years. The potentially devastating effects of fire have created great demand for state-of-the-art computer room fire protection, detection, and suppression.

Fires in data centers and computer rooms are typically caused by power problems in raceways, raised floors and other concealed areas. Arson, corporate sabotage, and natural occurrences such as lightening and power surges also increase the risk of fire. That said, fire prevention provides more protection against damage than any type of detection or suppression equipment available. If your computer room is incapable of breeding a fire, then there will be no threat of fire damage to the facility.

If a fire does occur, the next step is rapid detection. There are a number of advanced detectors that sense fire in its early stages and then alert personnel and activate suppression systems. In your data center or computer room, the fire protection system's main goal should be to get the fire under control without disrupting the flow of business and without threatening the personnel in the facility.

The experts at CSPM thoroughly understand the creation, detection, suppression and prevention of fire within mission critical facilities, such as computer rooms. Our approach to quality solutions will provide your company with the best practices for increasing availability by ensuring effective computer room fire protection.