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Harmonics pollution is an increasing problem which affects all power distribution networks in industrial, commercial, telecom and medical applications. Most of power converting equipment or facilities can generate harmonics current.

Harmonics pollution deteriorates the power effectiveness of an equipment or system.

There are many type of solutions available in the market to counter harmonic problem, in CSPM we offer Active Harmonic Filter as this is the most effective solution available.
 Ablerex ENERSINE ESD34 Active Harmonic Filter, the true harmonic solution, is a solid state power converter that brings about the following advantages to improve power quality:

Remove odd & even harmonics from 2nd to 51st orders.
Improve lagging & leading power factor at input to loads
Compensate unbalanced load
Reduce apparent power (kVA) consumption at supply source
Help avoid the need for oversized neutral conductors and transformers
Help resolve nuisance tripping of MCCBs due to harmonics

Enersine ESD34 behaves like a harmonic current generator. It will measure the harmonics generated from non-linear loads and cancel these harmonics with a newly generated, opposite phase shifted harmonics current of the same amplitude.

Rack/Wall Mount Design

Power Modules Flexibility

The Active Harmonic Filter is fully modular, which allows the addition of up to 4 power modules to achieve higher power rating in the system for future expansion.

System Modules Flexibility

Install for operation in parallel to increase system power capacity. The maximum parallel operation is 8 control modules using the same or different capacities, with maximum rating of 960A.