Socomec Uninterruptible
Power Supply (UPS)
  Socomec Static Transfer
Switch (STS)
  Battery Monitoring System
  Precision Air Conditioning
System (PAC)
  Early Smoke Detection System
  Water Detection System
  Infrastructure Environmental
Monitoring System (IEMS)
  Containment System for Green
/High Density Data Centre
  Green Data Centre Solution
  Active Harmonic Filter
  Fire Suppression System
  Intelligent Power Distribution
Unit (iPDU)
  Rack PDU
  Modular Data Centre
  Structured Cabling System
  Standby Genset
  Security System
  Standby Genset  
Standby Genset
Should a utility outage occur, it is critical to have onsite continuous power supply. CSPM ensures a seamless interface between the UPS and the generator systems thereby eliminating any risk of system failure.
Standby generators will support all equipment in the Data Center.